IWD2020: Talks & Workshop Descriptions

Talk and workshop descriptions are listed in order of appearance on Saturday, March 7.

Main Stage Morning

10:30am We Know Better, But Are We Doing Better? | Mona Mousa
Looking at the excitement of doing better and knowing that we know how to, puts us at odds with Intent and Impact being at a crossroads… Why is it we get so excited after large events like these but taper off throughout the year in action?

10:50am Women Disrupted | Karen Schulman Dupuis

Karen Schulman Dupuis’ master’s research put a spotlight on a seemingly invisible segment of our population: women aged 40-64. Through surveys and interviews, Karen examined how these older women responded to the experience of their career being disrupted. Her research touches upon important issues such as gender equality, ageism, intersectionality, unconscious bias, organizational psychology, the future of work, and IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equality and accessibility).

Karen’s goal is to ignite social change through amplifying these women’s voices and sharing their lived experiences.

11:10am Pobody’s Nerfect: Small Changes that Lead to Equitable Organizations | Samantha Estoesta

As many organizations re-evaluate their commitment to inclusion practices, the small changes are often the hardest to make. This talk gives a road map for any size organization—or any individual connected to an organization—to implement small changes that lead to equitable communities.

11:30am Breakout Workshops Session #1

Workshop A
Jack in the Box: Masculinity & Its Role in Advancing Gender Equity
Liz Pfisterer

Let’s talk about masculinity and the role it plays in advancing gender equity. This space is not about hating on men nor calling out masculinity as toxic, but rather an invitation to think about the unhealthy concepts of masculinity that perpetuate gender based violence and lack of gender equity. Let’s sit in some uncomfortable topics, consider the concept of promoting freedom for all, care and learn for one another and brush up against this challenging call to changing the narrative of our next generation of manhood through a restorative justice framework!

Workshop B
Parenting: Raising Children and Ourselves
Hilary Diouf

We all want to be treated with equal dignity and respect. Do the parenting practices we have inherited live up to that? How do we not only teach equality but also practice it in our parenting? Parenting holds a key to unraveling the interlocking systems of oppression. In this fun interactive workshop, we will explore power in parenting and discover tools to further equity in the home—which as we know is the place it starts!

Workshop C
It’s Not Enough to Be Pro-Choice: An Introduction to Reproductive Justice
Beth Murch

What is reproductive justice? Why isn’t it enough to be pro-choice? What is the significance of reproductive justice to obtaining safe, trauma-informed reproductive health care in Waterloo Region? Join facilitator Beth Murch in confronting hard truths, exploring intersectionality, and forming a personal plan of action to counteract anti-choice behaviours.

Main Stage Afternoon

1:30pm Panel – Missed Opportunities: The State of Arts & Culture in Waterloo Region
Moderated by Glodeane Brown; panelists Isabel Cisterna, Lisa O’Connell, Pam Patel)

Glodeane Brown will moderate a discussion with local arts leaders Isabel Cisterna, Lisa O’Connell, and Pam Patel regarding their careers and experiences as artists and leaders of arts organizations. We’ll discuss discrimination against women in the arts, systemic barriers and challenges, wins, and how to move forward with hope.

2:30pm Breakout Workshops Session #2

Workshop A
Disruption Is Not A Four-Letter Word
Karen Schulman Dupuis

/ dis • ruhp • shuh • n /
Definition: a disturbance or problem that interrupts an event, activity, or process.

The word disruption is often laden with negative connotations, but what if instead of reacting to being disrupted, you faced disruption intentionally?

This workshop brings a systems-thinking approach to encourage you to embrace disruption as a natural part of your life cycle. Knowing it happens and being prepared for it helps us change the narrative that life is something that happens to us. Instead, let’s own our personal narratives with more awareness and an intentional way forward.

All materials will be provided. Bring a sense of bravery, vulnerability and a belief in yourself, even if you’re not feeling it right now.

Workshop B
Sex Workers Welcome: How to Support & Respect Workers in the Sex Industry
Jelena Vermilion

This workshop will offer examples of how service providers can best serve clients who are—or who have been—in the sex trade industry, as well as touching on the conflation of sex work with forced sexual labour (i.e. human trafficking). Examples of how to support specific marginalized groups of sex workers will also be discussed.

Workshop C
Tea & Tales
Coalition of Muslim Women of KW

Join Duaa Al-Aghar, Ekram Almomani,Hadbaa Al Ghazi, Joudi Al Haj Ali, Nermin Ozdemir, Rahmah Omar, Sepideh Samandari, Wazhma Frough, Wisam Osman, and Zohra Wali as they share a collection of powerful, inspiring tales.

You can expect to have meaningful conversations by swapping stories and asking questions as well as taste some fabulous cultural food. Each table corresponds to a specific country, with their customs, cutlery, and culinary ways. A warm, women-centric step in cultural bridging with good food and inspiring conversation.

3:30pm Breakout Workshops Session #3

Workshop A
Lessons in Caregiving, Lessen the Burden
Jennifer Davis and Victoria Nicholas

This workshop is an exploration into the similarities between humanity’s experiences in birth and death, and how we can earn wisdom and be open to many alternative strategies to make the most of our caregiving roles.

Workshop B
Aligning Feminist Action and LGBTQ+ Allyship: A Novice’s Guide
Christopher Deutschman

What does it mean to practice fully gender inclusive activism? In this workshop, participants will start learning how to use their feminism as a platform to support queer and trans women and non-binary folks.

Main Stage Final Session

4:30pm In the Web performance | Marta Orlowska and Andrea Mauro

For Know Better, Do Better, In the Web, an experiment in sound and vision, has prepared an extra sweet and slightly salty set inspired by water and her life-giving essence.

5:00pm Keynote Address: Be a Good Ancestor | Lori Campbell

Seven generations ago our ancestors were dreaming of us. Are we dreaming of the seventh generation that will come after us? Are we being good ancestors?