IWD 2019: Schedule

12:30-6pm Know Better, Do Better:
An #IWD2019 Immersive Conference

12:30pm Registration and networking (light refreshments provided; lunch available for purchase)

1:00pm Ohen:ton Karihwatehkwen, “the words that come before all else”. Spoken at the start of gatherings, we gather our minds together as one to greet and thank the natural world. (Amy Smoke)

Land acknowledgement & Introduction

1:10pm Examining Systemic Feminine Devaluation and Competition (CJ Perez, Stephanie Rozek, Amy Smoke, Karen Schulman Dupuis)

2:15pm Breakout Workshops Session #1

Workshop A:
Community Means No One Gets Left Behind
Violet Umanetz

Everyone takes drugs for the same reason – but women face more stigma and more risk as a result of their substance use. Many communities are focusing on preventing overdose deaths and improving health care outcomes related to substance use – and that’s great! But making sure women who use substances or who experience addiction aren’t left behind requires a thoughtful examination of how drug use is different for an often-overlooked population. In this workshop, Violet Umanetz shares real world experience and knowledge about substance use and harm reduction for women, and shows you how you can support positive change that benefits the entire community!

Workshop B:
Beer. Diversity. Representation
Ren Navarro

The craft beer scene is overwhelmingly young, white, and male. How can we make it more inclusive of everyone? Ren Navarro joins us for a thought-provoking conversational workshop about diversity in the craft beer sector. Lack of representation isn’t an issue only confined to the beer industry, of course, and in examining this example our discussion will spark useful thoughts for other businesses & organizations as well as rethinking “who makes & drinks craft beer? 


3:15pm Break (light refreshments provided)

3:30pm Breakout Workshops Session #2

Workshop C:
Emotional Labour: Who Does It & Why It Matters
Samantha Estoesta

Samantha Estoesta brings thorough & highly applicable insights on emotional labour – who performs it, and why it matters to this compelling workshop. With an MA in Intercultural Communications and almost ten years in advocacy, communications, community development, community engagement, digital communications, digital design, and social media strategy, she centres her efforts on growing communities through reciprocal relationships.

Workshop D:
How to be a Better Ally
Mona Mousa

How do you define what an ally is? How do you decide what you need to do as an ally? Quite often allyship is poorly defined and poorly executed. In this interactive workshop, poet & activist Mona Mousa navigates the world of allyship and walks attendees through the steps we can take to be better allies to the people we are supporting.


4:30pm Break (light refreshments provided)

4:45pm Panel: Intersectionality & Inclusivity (moderated by Paulina Cisneros; panelists Pam Patel, Ren Navarro, Mona Mousa)

5:45pm Closing Remarks


4-9pm Feminist Market (open to public) in the CIGI Foyer


6-7:30pm Cocktail Reception in the CIGI Foyer


6:30pm Registration starts for evening event

7:30-10pm Focus Forward: Evening Spotlight Speaker Event

7:30pm Introduction

7:45pm Opening Speaker: Eden Hennessey

8:10pm Measuring Up: The Value of Women in Leadership (intro by Heather McNorgan; moderated by Nicole Langlois; panelists Bushra Ebadi, Maria Panezi, Ksenia Polonskaya, Joanna Wajda)

8:45pm Intermission

9:00pm Panel + Q&A: Where Do We Go From Here? Resistance & Resilience Against the Rise of the Global Right (Laura Mae Lindo, Fauzia Mazhar, Samantha Estoesta, Cait Glasson)


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